Chemical and primary sector

Traditionally, the market occupied by the chemical industry in Russia, is characterized by a very low level of competition due to the small number of large producers of goods in the industry. In this regard, the most popular services for our clients are issues of compliance with antitrust laws and the formation of a competent holdings. Our lawyers defend the company successfully in disputes with the competition authorities, and we believe that the involvement of lawyers at the early stages of antitrust dispute gives the company a much better chance to prove its innocence and avoid the often far-fetched accusations.

In addition, our specialists constantly monitor legislation in the field of environment and natural resources. The ambiguous legal practice and the frequent innovations in the law are often difficult obstacles for the normal activities of companies in the mining industry. Considerable powers granted to law authorities and the Environmental Prosecutor's Office make these state agencies be threatening inspecting authorities. That is why in order to avoid possible complaints and claims, we hold a study for the extractive industry to assess the risks of claims against the companies by state agencies.